Top best Dedicated Hosting provider companies reviews
Dedicated hosting service is type of Internet hosting in which client leases a whole service without sharing with anybody else. It was also know as dedicated server, or managed hosting service. As compared to shared hosting, it is more flexible because client is free to choose operating system and hardware, etc. There is another level of dedicated hosting that is complex managed hosting. Complex managed hosting applies physical and hybrid and virtual servers. Some companies may choose combination of physical and virtual hosting solution. While using dedicated hosting service client can get benefit for security, email stability, better performance, and better control. Dedicated server offer various operating system for the user. Linux and Unix are open source operating systems which are offered free to the customers. Commercial operation system are offered with monthly fee to the customers.
S No. Web Hosting Provider Minimum Plan Maximum Plan Page Rank Window Hosting Linux Hosting Write Up
$20.00/month $234.00/month 5 YES YES Review
Free web Hosting Plan
$0 $35.99 0 YES YES Review
Site Serving
$ 4.45 $ 249.99 3 YES YES Review
Glow HOst
$ 4.95 $ 69.99 5 YES YES Review
Rapid VPS
$5.95 224 4 NO YES Review
$ 2.49 $ 299.99 6 NO YES Review
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