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CLOUD HOSTING also known as cloud computing where cloud depicts on focusing on maximizing the effectiveness of shared resources delivers computing as service instead of shared resources along with software and information to the computers and other devices. It mainly relies on resource sharing for achievement of coherence. With the help of cloud computing multiple users can have access to a single server for updating or retrieving their data even without purchasing licence for different different applications. The growth in cloud computing is mainly due to high capacity networks, storage devices, low cost computers, hardware visualization adoption, autonomic, service-oriented architecture. The main aim of cloud computing is to make use from all the technologies without even having much knowledge or expertise with every technology. It also aims at cutting the costs and helping users to focus on their interest of business instead of being impeded by obstacles of IT. A brilliant technology related to this is “visualization” in which physical computing device is electronically separated into virtual devices to perform different tasks. Cloud vendors nowadays are experiencing 50 percent growth rates per annum.
S No. Web Hosting Provider Minimum Plan Maximum Plan Page Rank Window Hosting Linux Hosting Write Up
$3.95/month $399.00/month 6 YES YES Review
UK 3.33 /Month Uk 14.99 / Month 7 YES YES Review
$3.95/month $59.95/month 2 YES YES Review
Site 5
4.95 $ 2000 7 YES YES Review
$7.99/month $330.00/month 5 NO YES Review
Glow HOst
$ 4.95 $ 69.99 5 YES YES Review
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