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Full form of SSL is "Secure Sockets Layer Protocol". It is a standard for transmitting the confidential data such as credit cards information over the Internet. Most of the true business sites support this feature for increasing the security during the transmission of data over the Internet. SSL works by making use of private and public key for encryption of data before it is transmitted, on the receiving end the matching key do the work of decryption. This is done for both the company as well the customer's safety. The best hosting site that helps providing the SSL certificate is IX Web Hosting. They provide with the best services to those who wanted to start up with their own online business. There is a dedicated and a shared SSL. In dedicated a person has to purchase their own SSL certificate and is provided with a IP address to run the SSL server. These certificates are not free thus, it is preferred if one has to transmit any sensitive information whereas, With a shared link there is no cost for setting up the SSL server and also a secure URL is given. Moreover, it is provided for the security of multiple sites.
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