Our Network's data center was designed to provide 24x7 availability for crucial to mission-critical Internet operations. The new data center is designed for maximum performance and reliability through superior design and selective use of equipment.

Our Data Center features:

# OC-12 SONET Ring connectivity to multiple backbone providers POPs.
# A controlled (temperature, humidity, static and airborne particles) environment designed for maximum server reliability .
# Advanced fire suppression systems.
# Diesel powered generators capable of independently sustaining server operations for more than a week, surge suppression and UPS systems for individual servers.
# Multiple-SCSI backup cluster system for data storage and recovery.

The SMART NET RING technology provides two paths for each data packet to travel on its way to the Internet. The SMART RING also contains two exit points where the packets can leave the local ring and enter the global backbone.

Redundancy + Redundancy
The two OC-12 rings are synchronized for fail over capability. If one ring is disabled or cut off, net traffic is redirected via the alternate ring until the original ring is restored to full functionality.

Network Specifications

A flagship data facility equipped with complete state-of-the-art Cisco systems including redundant Cisco 7513 routers, a Gigabit Ethernet network, and a 24x7 Network Operations Center

AT&T, UUnet, Level3, and Global Crossing Backbones

SONET Ring technology with dual OC-12 and multiple DS-3 fiber optic lines for backbone fail over. Bandwidth capacity kept at twice the peak usage rate. BGP-4 routing protocol provides stable, efficient and intelligent routing.

What does all this mean for your business?'s state-of-the-art network guarantees faster and more reliable service. And our commitment to adopting the best technologies available means that we'll continue to provide unbeatable speed and reliability.

Power Management System:
# 1450 Amps premise power

# Customer-dedicated power backed-up by Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS)
# High-capacity Caterpillar generator
# Servers-dedicated circuit breaker protection
# Scalable customer power

Fire Suppression System:
# State-of-the-art, gas-based fire protection system
# Separate fire zones below the floor and above the ceiling
# Specialized heat/smoke sensors
# Automatic local fire department notification

Mainframe-Style Construction:
# 12,000 SQ FT Data Center, soon to be doubled
# Hurricane grade fortifications
# Raised floor for improved server-environment control

Facility Security System:
# Motion sensors
# Secured access
# 24x7 guard patrols
# SecurityLink alarm systems
# 24 x 7 automatic police department notification

Personal Security System:
# 24 x 7 System administrators access to Internet Data Center
# 24 x 7 monitoring by on-site personnel

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