was founded to deliver reliable, professional web hosting with guaranteed satisfaction and uptime. Hosted on the latest hardware equipment and in a state-of-the-art data center facility located in New Jersey, U.S.

Combined with the newest extensive technology and with our technical experience, we offer different webhosting packages to successfully establish your website on the Internet.

Our Philosophy

We try to make the Internet simple. There's no need to have a technical knowledge or any technical experience with us. At 24HostingNOW, we try to be with modern technology fashion. Our powerful control panel allows you to easily manage your web site, using any web browser, with no need of technical know-how. Whether you are new to the Internet or you are a web developer, our control panel is designed just right to fit your needs.

Our Technology

The greatest factor in our success is the quality of our servers and network - which rests on two foundations - structural diversity and technological excellence. With reliable connectivity to the Internet via multiple OC-12 connections consisting of seventy-five diverse backbone providers, we use bandwidth from the biggest provider name of the Internet like the following: Verio, AT&T Global, British Telecom, XO Communications, Savvis, HE.net, Williams, NASA, VIA NET.WORKS Deutschland GmbH, NTL Internet, and Time Warner Communications.

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