Fluid Hosting was formed in 2001 with the mission to provide high quality, scalable web hosting solutions. To provide our customers with top notch network reliability, we have selected InterNAP to be our main data center. InterNAP provides a unique and intelligent architecture that ensures redundancy and optimum performance with NINE major providers.

Some of InterNAP's other clients include: Lycos, NASDAQ, PC World, Datek Online, Colgate, Travelocity, Sierra. As you see, many of the world leaders in IT and financial industry also agree that InterNAP provides the best connectivity for their business presence on the Internet.

Fluid Hosting concentrates on delivering web hosting service and solutions to meet the growing demands of world wide e-business presence. Our web hosting solution is scalable from the ground up to provide room for growth.

Our technology and services ensure your web site will be able to handle the growing load and popularity while providing peace of mind to you knowing that your site is well taken care of.

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