eberz is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a privately held corporation headquartered in Fairview, Oregon. Our primary focus is providing reliable and secure website hosting solutions to companies and individuals looking to put a website online. Weberz currently hosts over 10,000 websites and is one of the largest H-sphere based web hosting providers in the Pacific Northwest region of North America.

Our History
We were originally founded in 2002 as We Host Webpages by our parent company, General Pacific. We Host Webpages soon acquired a competing web hosting company, Weberz, in 2005 and transitioned its brand to Weberz Hosting in 2006.

Due to significant growth in 2006, Weberz out grew our current hosting facility in Portland and was forced to move to a co-location facility in the downtown Portland area. In 2007 Weberz went on to acquire another European based H-Sphere hosting competitor, Relio Hosting. Relio at the time had been renting servers and getting private labeled support services from Weberz for over two years. This allowed for a smooth transition for those hosting customers.

In early 2009 General Pacific, acquired land in Fairview, Oregon and decided to build a new facility for their operations. Working with our system administrator, Robert Rolfe, the parent company decided to build a full scale data center into itís new facility for Weberz to continue our operations. In November of 2009 the new facility was complete and Weberz moved its hosting operations from the co-location facility in downtown Portland in early December.

Now, Weberz owns our own data center, server hardware, and utilizes our own internal staff to service and support our customers. This gives us the flexibility to adapt to our customerís needs and the ability to provide them with custom hosting solutions when necessary. More information about our data center and network is available in o

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