Fortunes America LLC is a Web Designing and Hosting Company located in Federal Way, WA. We have been offering internet and web-related services to personal, small business and service organizations since 2007. The services we offer include website development and design, hosting, maintenance, search engine optimization, and analysis.

Given our experience and expertise in both Web development and commercial software development, we have been offering a unique and superior service to small business owners, service organizations that are looking to expand their existing marketing efforts to reach the web.

Website Design and Development: The service that we offer is modeled after the service that larger Web development firms offer Fortune 1000 companies in the sense that it is completely customized and unique to each individual client.

Content Management Systems(CMS): We are specialized in content management sites, which dramatically reduce the web site maintenance costs and will allow our clients to add/update content on their own without needing any technical resources.

e-Commerce Sites:

Website Marketing and Analysis: After we build the website for our client, or a new client introduces us to their pre-existing site, we offer this service. As experts of the Web, we can analyze and test a website based on an established set of standards that account for the website's aesthetic value, scalability, functionality, ease-of-use, search engine friendliness, and main customer base. After an analysis has been made, we then explore and present to the client a detailed list of the most efficient Internet marketing tools and methods available to them within the constraints of their budget. This type of service is pertinent to our company given the fact that a very large percentage of our clients are on a tight budget and can only afford to take advantage of marketing efforts that are targeted directly at their desired demographic.

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