About our Data Center


* The data center is located at the edge of Bucharest (Romania, Europe).
* Address: Str. Pacii, no. 36, Chiajna, Ilfov, Romania

Internet Connection:

* We are using multiple internet service providers that connect us to the rest of the world, they are connected to redundant Cisco equipments for maximum uptime and performance.
* List of Internet Service Providers:
o Telia
o Level3
o Global Crossing
o Dotro Telecom
o Adnettelecom

Energy Distribution:

* The data center draws its power directly from the main local power grid using triphase connectivity.
* For power distribution inside our data center we are using multiple online UPS that are monitored 24/7.
* In case of power failure the backup generator will automatically take the load, and in case it fails, a secondary generator is going to start automatically as well.
* Main features:
o Triphase power connection
o Online UPS
o 75KVA Diesel Gene

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