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Full form of CMS is Content Management System, it is a web hosting in which a person is allowed to define and set permissions for multiple users at various different levels for handling and managing different sections of content in their websites. The content here can fall under different kind of classifications like articles, events, blogs, press releases and many more. Whereas, CMS falls in two categories if a fine line is drawn that is Traditional or Open Source CMS and Hosted CMS. In Opencms a person can build websites that can be easily downloaded, due to this, websites can be self hosted in just some of the clicks. Few traditional CMS in the market are Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc. In Hosted CMS are hosted by service providers for a specified cost, they don't refer to anything unique. Some of the hosted CMS are Vae, Lightcms, Squarespace etc.
S No. Web Hosting Provider Minimum Plan Maximum Plan Page Rank Window Hosting Linux Hosting Write Up
Site 5
4.95 $ 2000 7 YES YES Review
Site Serving
$ 4.45 $ 249.99 3 YES YES Review
Znet Live
Rs.122/Month Rs.4300/Month YES YES Review
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